Sunday, 28 December 2014

FATHOM 7 (Best quality scan)

Neville Coleman's picture of a West Australian giant groper appears in several of his later books.

The Sea Hornet girl Sandra Greentree. appeared in Fathom # 2 -10.  Her husband was the Sea Hornet guy in issue # 1

Vic Ley (stand-in diver) on the set of "Barrier Reef" a fictional TV series at the time.

The diver is Steve Vassalo of Pro Diving Services

In later years it was determined "Boston" was not the correct name of this wreck at Madang PNG.

The girl is Shiela Pratt, a receptionist with radio 6PR Perth.

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PS A Lunasix meter would not work this way, it requires pressing with a thumb.

 The original, first publication EVER of any of Valerie Taylor's Diary extracts.

The girl is Jenny Wallace

Bob Grounds at Saumarez Reef (1964)